9 Best Carnivore Diet Snacks for the Big Game  (Super Bowl 2023)


Just start the carnivore diet and looking for snacks?


Here's 9 Carnivore Diet Snacks for the Big Game 

Is your mouth watering yet?



Beef Jerky

It’s high in protein and fits within the carnivore diet guidelines offering many essential nutrients with zero carb and zero sugar. Yeah!

Make sure to look for sugar free...


Smoked Ribs

Smoked Ribs are a great game day snack for those on a carnivore diet because they have a high-protein content AND high-fat content  for ketovores!

fire up the smoker!



Packed with vitamins & minerals, Sausages are rich in Vitamin B12, thiamine, and niacin, which can help improve cognitive abilities and mood. 

Who doesn’t love a giant bratwurst, kielbasa, chorizo, you name it?


Pulled Pork

Pork shoulder has just the right amount of fat to make the meat tender and melts in your mouth like BUTTER!  (Another popular carnivore food, btw!)

Remember - a treat once in a while is OK... but overall, we need to remove it!


Steak Bites

Where's the beef?! Steak bites are a popular carnivore diet food because steak is one of the best sources of high-quality animal protein.

Convenient, bite-sized, and easy to serve!

See ALL Carnivore Diet Snacks on the blog!

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