How To Recover From Burnout  (My 5 Tips)



Spot it Early

– Feeling tired non-stop, even after a good night's sleep? That's a clue. – If you're snapping quickly or suddenly dreading tasks you once loved, take note. – Can't focus or keep forgetting things? Another heads-up.

Know the signs


It wasn't just mental or emotional fatigue; my body was signaling its distress turning on my gene expressions for autoimmune disease.  Now that those genes are turned on, I’ll never be able to turn them off per se, but by following a healing protocol, I’ve been able to put it in remission. AMEN!

listen to your body!

Watch for Chronic Illness


Be Patient

The mind and body need time to heal, to re-energize, and to rediscover balance. Don’t rush the process. (It took me about 9 months to heal from the inside out!)

Take care of YOU!

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